Childhood, A Crucial Stage of Life

Children's health and nutrition should be suited to the growth and development of the future adolescent; but more often than not, this is a difficult time for the parents who are most concerned about the well-being and health conditions of their children affected by various health issues such as ADHD, weak immune system, loss of appetite, vitamin deficiency,obesity-overweight and underweight conditions that lead to an unbalanced, insufficient diet and poor health.

In addition, the daily disturbed and un-beneficial sleep, ADHD side-effects, anxiety-hyperactivity conditions, mood swing behaviors, lack of concentration and focus in school activities, recurrent colds and the like, are the main and constant worries for most parents who have no other natural alternatives for those common health issues that can sometimes have major consequences on their children’s everyday well-being, the normal healthy growth and balanced development.

In fact, children are subject to a noticeable weakening of the body immune defense due to an early community living at an increasingly young age (Day nursery, preschool and kindergarten), a changing lifestyle (Malnutrition, junk foods, lack of sleep due to TV media, video games, school fatigue and daily stress), a changing weather and seasonal allergens, and also a repeated prescription medication resulting in a weaker body immunity from antibiotic treatments.

Concerned about specifically tackling the common health issues that affect the daily lives of our young children, Laboratories INELDEA created PEDIAKID, a range of children vitamins and natural multimineral supplements, formulated by health professionals to help strengthen and fortify the child's natural immune defense.

All Natural Active Extracts

Children vitamins, mineral supplements, fruit, vegetable and plant extracts found in PEDIAKID products are carefully chosen to work in perfect synergy and making the most of their full potential health benefits.

All natural fruit and vegetable nutrients rich in fibers and anti-oxidants include Broccoli, Carrot, Watercress, Spinach, Jerusalem Artichoke, Honey, Parsley, Ginger & Beetroot and more. All essential complex vitamins A, B, C, D & E & multi-minerals Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorous, DHA, EPA Omega 3 Tuna fish oil complement a daily nutrition for a better health and overall well-being.

All PEDIAKID children vitamins contain Acacia fibers, Prebiotics of natural origin to help restore the balance of the digestive system flora which, in turn, improves the assimilation of active ingredients, as well as vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients found in food, and particularly iron, calcium, magnesium vital for children's growth. The addition of natural fruit concentrates also give to PEDIAKID syrups a very pleasant taste and flavor, so that they are truly enjoyed by children of all ages.

Organic Products

Produced with organic farming methods and exclusively available from Laboratories INELDEA, the Agave nectar that all PEDIAKID children vitamins contain is particularly recommended for children, as it is composed of a natural-unrefined sugar with a low glycernic index and that does not cause tooth decay. Agave nectar, that is also known as “Honey Water”, is a plant whose fruits produce a translucent nectar rich in mineral salts with exceptional nutritional qualities. It has a greater sweetening potential than any other sugars, and considerably has fewer calories.

See benefits of selected natural ingredients for:

A dietary supplement adapted to the needs of children and preteens

A dietary supplement adapted to the needs of children and preteens
  • A perfect tonic for seasonal changes
  • An innovative and natural formula
  • A syrup formulation aimed specifically at children
  • A very pleasant and tasting 100% fruit flavor
  • Easy to take
  • Under 4 years old: 1 teaspoon after breakfast and after lunch
  • Above 4 years old: 2 teaspoons after breakfast and after lunch
  • Form and presentation
  • Syrup - 125ml bottle in a box ACL code 7824282